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Metaverses & Hospitality - New age of virtual experience consultancy by VCNS Global

The Facebook or Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg bets that "VR, AR, and immersive will be daily life for ordinary people in the long run."

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. In futurism and science fiction, it is often described as a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets. ~ Wikipedia

Metaverse is a world where users live in an enriched interactive world, making it more like the real world. It basically brings together all the real-world activities like playing games, going to a concert, celebrating parties, even owning a piece of land in a virtual space.

The two main ways that hotels can benefit from the metaverse are by providing unique, virtual experiences to customers and utilising it for the core function to enhance the efficiency.

Let us see some of the use cases and there are immense possibilities in the new age of virtual world

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Use case for Guest:

- Transform and guide guest in their room booking journey by enabling guests to compare rooms according to their rates and preferences. This would make the customers much more confident before booking their stay.

- Virtual hotel tour for guest to finalize a hotel for a leisure trip or business trip. A first hand virtual experience will help & boost direct booking for the brands.

- Local experience is one of the most in demand for the guest traveling on leisure and the hotels / resort can create an journey as soon as they arrive at the airport / begin their journey from home destination. On the way VR can be giving local experiences and the VR will be buddy during the stay with the guest till they checkout.

- Virtual celebration for guest to invite more of their guest while they celebrate their special occasion with the hotel / resort. In the busy life families celebrate on video calls and VR / AR will expand the celebration to next level.

Use case for Core functions:

- Training is core function functions like F&B, Housekeeping, Front office etc...can be enabled with VR / AR metaverse can allow for greater anonymity between participants and more genuine and realistic situations.

- Development and room modelling is new experience for developers, contractors and owners. A walkthrough of mock-up room can be done by brand by checking each areas as per their brand standard and same can be reviewed and approved in collaboration with the teams.

- Team activity bring team together to work on case study, problem resolution and many more to learning and sharing of information can be enabled on this platform.

We are living in world of connections and platform is new way connecting people and data will be new power to business.

VCNS Global is leading consultancy in NexGen solutions and have well established practice in ELV Design & Planning, Cloud computing, Digital transformation, Cyber & Security Governance and Audit, Data Privacy, Data Centre consultancy. VCNS Global enable industry 4.0 platforms for people to live better and work smarter.


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