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VCNS is a strategic consulting & solution company that enables industry 4.0 platforms for people to live better and work smarter.

Digital Network Cables

Information Communication & Technology

We offer design & planning services in compliance with the global brand standard of IT includes structure cabling, data-center design, network, and wireless communication, guest experience technology, MATV, IPTV, Storage Solutions, End-user computing infrastructure. We are the single point of contact in your project from design, planning, tendering, and helping you to onboard the best technology execution partner for your project.

Audio Mixing Pult

Audio & Visuals

Our experienced & certified team of AV & Acoustic design & planning enable next-generation audio and video experience for your business.  We take care of the noise control design from small expansions of existing facilities to world-scale grass-roots projects. We have completed numerous projects in fields of hospitality, hospital, education campus, auditoriums, public spaces, luxury residential complexes, etc... 

Security Monitoring Screens

Security - CCTV, FAS, PA, Access Controls, NAC

Security is one of the key pillars of our design and planning service and is cutting across all the areas for us. We have a highly trained designer to plan surveillance systems, access control, loss & prevention framework, physical premise security planning, intrusion detection and alarming, etc...We have the expertise to design converged security network-enabled with next-generation technology which will be connected with IBMs.

Data Cloud

Cloud Consultancy

We are helping many businesses in the field of hospitality, education, hospital & SME segments to plan their CLOUD business framework and design, plan, and creating a road map for private, hybrid, and public cloud architecture. We also write up SOPs and conduct training for end-user on the usage of the business cloud. We have also helped businesses design work from home and remote support management frameworks to assure seamless, secure, and simple ways to continue business on the go.  Our certified team specializes in Azure, AWS, and Google cloud platforms. 


Digital Transformation

IoT, Automation, Ai, ML

Customers have questions, VCNS has answers to design your Digital journey. 

◦IoT, Automation, Room Controls

◦Conversational AI, gesture analysis, AR


◦Cloud Planning and Migration – VM, Google, AWS, Azure

◦Integrated CRM and Loyalty

◦Mobility with advanced analytics

◦Voice-Enabled Technologies

◦XaaS: Everything-as-a-Service

◦Contact Less Technologies 

◦Technology Research

◦Creating SOP & Training

◦Reputation Management Platforms

◦Data Lake – Consolidation of Data 

◦Budgeting & Review as Peer Consultant

◦Desktop Review Service

Data on a Touch Pad

Technology Review & Audit

We are providing comprehensive operational IT & Cyber compliance audit services to hospitality, hospital, education, and retail with the White Hat Audit framework. 

VAPT – White, Black Hat


◦IT infrastructure, Application Security, Data Security, Software Compliance, Inventory Audit, SOPs. Backup & DR


◦Managed Endpoint Security, Managed IDS, Cloud Security, Cloud Data Privacy, GDPR, PCI-DSS, End-Use Backup, Remote Desk & Support


◦Website Audit, Integration Audit, IAM, Social Media Audit, ORM, Digital policy, 

Enabling Design & Technology to deliver higher ROI

Our focus will be on modern technologies, enabled by a scientific, data-driven system for Digital Excellence to provide better predictability, and ensures a better value per unit cost to our customers.

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