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Birth of VCNS Global-Discovering our passion, beginning our journey to a new vision!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

It was monsoon time in the month of June 2020. Globally, we were hit by the pandemic of Covid-19 and slowly unlocking ourselves from global lockdown. This is the first month that our team has travelled to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for exciting project work.

One evening, Shree, Pramod, and I (Raavish), three competition consulting company founders, had dinner, and started discussing the next phase of our business journey, our views on the work we have done in the past, and our future outlook. What if we three came together as one team and built an ecosystem to build a strong foundation of consultancy that focuses on our strengths and supports next-generation technological solutions?

VCNS Global "We Consult NexGen Solutions," and we want to break our boundaries and reach out to the world, so the Global extension was the best fit. Shree, being our mentor, really liked this idea and gave his node to mentor us in this new journey of "VCNS GLOBAL".

Now, three business leaders with hands-on experience are collaborating to create a new age consultancy to provide better results for our customers. November 1, 2020, VCNS Global officially launched and opened the doors to fly high.

This is the story of TRUST, FRIENDSHIP, TEAMWORK, CHANGE, GIVING AWAY FOR HIGHER GOAL, and BUILDING ECOSYSTEM of minds with one big force to achieve better results in time to come.

This is our journey that began with a bang in order to compete with the best in the world!

Written by: Raavish Jhala, Consulting Partner, VCNS Global


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